Loose (EPS)

It is possible to deliver loose styrofoam (EPS) waste or have it collected by us. In many cases we can pay you a fee for your EPS waste. 

Loose EPS

  • To be recognized by recycling logo “6
  • Boxes, plates, molded parts, etc.
  • Non-compacted EPS
  • 100% Recycable


Compacted EPS 

If you have an EPS compactor yourself and want to offer compacted blocks, we can pay you a compensation for your EPS waste. The compensation for compacted EPS is higher than loose EPS, because we can skip the process of compacting in our factory in order to process the material into re-granulate. Your EPS blocks can be delivered by you or collected by us.

Compacted EPS

  • Compacted EPS
  • Does not contain air.
  • Heavy weight
  • 100% Recycable
Terms of acceptance
  • Free of sand
  • Not mixed with other waste materials
  • Stored in boxes, sacks or on pallets
  • Notify your delivery at least one day before the delivery date